Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages is the second touchpoint in a customer’s journey, but likely pose as the first opportunity to engage and hook visitors. Poorly designed landing pages ruin waste hard earned money.
The design, understanding visitor motivations, needs, and wants gives you an opportunity to go beyond a click and sign-up. With the correct information you are poised to provide visitors with more than just the product or service with an amazing experience.
What to expect
  • Our landing page optimization service includes:
  • Traffic sources analytics and visitor behavior using quantitative data
  • Intense understanding of visitors using qualitative data and usability studies
  • Conduct A/B to increase conversion rates
Who will benefit most from this?

Companies with multiple campaigns from different sources of traffic

Why AntiSocials?

AntiSocials is one of the first experience and conversion optimization companies in Mississauga Canada. Over the years we helped online companies improve their bottom line through our comprehensive digital optimization services.

Who will benefit most from this?

Price for typical landing page optimization engagement starts at $8,000/month but time and investment will vary based on the number of landing pages, market and the complexity of your project.